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Secondary Steel Plate

CellMark Steel, Commercial quality steel, Secondary steel, Max 33, our steel is used for, flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting etc. Plate rolling, Plate fabrication, Steel tanks, Barge repair, Ship repair, Base plates, Blanchard grinding, Hot rolled plate, HR plate, Chemistry only plate, intended grades A-36, A572, Road plates, Counter weights, Custom steel parts, Mild carbon hot rolled plate, Steel slabs, Plate shearing, Non-prime steel, Dry dock, and much more... Don't see what you need here... Give us a call.

CQ Steel Plate

CellMark Steel Plate

Excess Steel Plate


CQ Steel Plate

CellMark Steel Plate

Excess Steel Plate

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can CellMark Steel help my business with creative and continuity solutions?

If we have it in stock or can source it for you, our price will beat any competition.

What industries does CellMark Steel serve?

CellMark Steel serves a huge range of industries.  

· CellMark Steel

· Commercial quality steel

· Secondary steel

· Max 33

· Flame cut steel

· Plasma cut steel

· Laser cut steel

· Plate rolling

· Plate fabrication

· Steel tanks

· Barge repair

· Ship repair

· Base plates

· Blanchard grinding

· Hot rolled plate

· HR plate

· Chemistry only plate

· Prime steel

· A36

· A572

· Road plates

· Counter weights

· Custom steel parts

· Mild carbon hot rolled plate

· Steel slabs

· Plate shearing

· Prime steel

· Non-prime steel

· Dry dock  

How does CellMark Steel ensure access to markets and materials?

We source from multiple providers, so our product line is always varied but consistent. We can usually source what you need at a huge discount to what you are used to paying.

What services does CellMark Steel offer?

CellMark Steel offers Steel Plate for use in huge range of industries.

How does CellMark Steel demonstrate nimbleness and responsiveness?

As an employee-owned company, CellMark Steel’s entrepreneurial culture fosters quick decision-making, allowing us to adapt swiftly to market changes and provide agile support to our clients.

How does CellMark Steel mitigate risks in the supply chain?

With our solid financial strength and long-standing industry track record, CellMark Steel sources material from numerous providers, ensuring the smooth operation of your global supply chain.

What expertise does CellMark Steel bring to the table?

CellMark Steel boasts decades of experience in the industries we serve, giving us a deep understanding of our partners' challenges and enabling us to provide informed guidance and assistance.

How does CellMark Steel prioritize continuity and commitment?

At CellMark Steel, we believe in building lasting partnerships based on integrity and respect. We continuously strive to earn and maintain the confidence and trust of our industry partners.

Can you tell me more about CellMark's divisions?

CellMark runs 5 divisions: Basic Materials, Packaging & Paper, Chemicals, Recycling and Pulp.

How can I get started with CellMark Steel's services?

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to us through our contact form or call our dedicated team to discuss your business needs and explore how CellMark Steel can assist you.

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